17 anys. Segon de Batxillerat. Canvi. Institut. Reptes. Frustració. Selectivitat. Futur. Amics. Dificultats. Exàmens. Oportunitat. Crisi. Esforç. Adolescència. Incomprensió.
Un grup d’estudiants. Un institut al barri del Raval, a Barcelona. Segon de Batxillerat, el curs més difícil, el repte més gran.



Marese, Tajin, Jessica and Miquel are four adolescents from Barcelona who are about to start the most difficult and exciting year in their lives: their last course of secondary school. They live in Raval, a lower class district mostly inhabited by immigrant population, where education is the only guarantee for social progress. Although they strive hard to get university access, life is full of unexpected decisions and changes. Specially when you are 17.

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